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Search from our pool of listed brands, and choose them by considering their “Products”, “Reseller Testimonials”, “Brand Rating”, “Margins You can Earn”, etc.


Brands give your trust on Quality of Products

You can keep higher margins with confidence


Brands give you Best Prices Directly

You get products without any commission in the middle


Brand brings you Latest Designs in the market

Your customers are happy, they stick with you


Brands always send right Products

Grow your customer base rapidly, and increase your earnings

Resell Confidently

Get confidence over Product quality and margins


"Great App to discover new brands and Resell from them directly. I have personally subscribed Aarfa, EDS, GF and many such top brands and now I know how much I can earn by selling from these brands"

Homemaker, Gujrat

"Not at all like other reselling apps. Here we are becoming brands direct reseller. I am contacting the brand owners directly, ask for original pictures and then sell. Very easy to use. I have subscribed several brands and then I using their personal app to Resell"

Sneha Sinha

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